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Kyle J. Temkin
Moodle Upgrades, 1/1-1/24
by Kyle Temkin - Thursday, 2 January 2014, 12:27 AM

Moodle@BU will be undergoing a set of continuous upgrades from 1/1/2014 until 1/24/2014 in preparation for the spring semester! We've already upgrade our core system to Moodle 2.6, which brings serval new features for instructors and students using Moodle:

  • Several improvements to the assignment grading workflow, including in-browser annotation of PDF files.
    The new workflow should be especially useful for those graders with tablet devices; and for situations in which multiple people may be marking.

  • Improved backup, restore, and import for individual assignments.
    An improved backup architecture should make it easier (and faster) to copy content from one course to another, especially in large courses.

  • Improved mobile layout engine for smartphones and tablets.
    An improved layout engine should make Moodle more mobile-friendly.

  • Reduced page-load times for improved performance.
    Several optimizations on the Moodle server (and in the Moodle codebase) help to speed up the process of working with Moodle.

As always, issues are possible during the upgrade period. While no significant period of downtime is expected, you may experience decreased server performance-- and errors are possible while upgrades are performed. 


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